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April 13-14, 2024 – Indianapolis, Indiana

Exhibitor Info

The exhibition room opens at 7 AM for setup on Saturday and 8 AM on Sunday. Access ends at midnight. It will not be possible to get access to the exhibition rooms on Friday.

Upon arrival, stop at the check-in table to get your shirt and table assignment.

The exhibition room are on the lower level of the Crown Plaza, in the LaGuardia and Lambert rooms.

Load and unload using the front entrance, this is the hotel-preferred entrance for us. There are 3 elevators and stairs (if you are insane).

If you put things on the free table, please take those things with you at the end of the expo if they are still there.

We expect to have wired internet. We may also have wi-fi available.

Power will be ran close to the tables. Bring your own power strips. There are a limited number of outlets in each room so expect to connect your power strips to the power strips provided by the expo.

Check the Venue page for information about accommodations, restaurants and the hotel address.